Great review of “Under the Influence” on!

“…that passion for primal American music is brought forth once more today under the guise of yet another Foghat album, this one entitled Under The Influence. Aside from featuring one of the best, most highly imaginative albums covers I have seen in a long, longtime, the band have just released an album that has been nearly three long years in the making!…

The opening track is just Foghat cranked up to their usual 11, and that’s backed by the speeding AC/DC-esque train of ‘Knock It Off’, the Country-twangin’ ‘Ghost’, the swingin’ old time nightclub vibe of ‘She’s Got a Ring in His Nose’, and then both the fun reveal of the bluesy ‘Upside of Lonely’, and a rockin’ ’Heard It Through the Grapevine.’”

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