INTERVIEW: Under the Influence: Roger Earl on Hendrix, Simmonds & 45 Years of Foghat!!

“Released in June on the band’s own Foghat Records, Under The Influence finds the band joined by a host of special guests including former Foghat bassist Nick Jameson, Savoy Brown’s Kim Simmonds, longtime Buddy Guy collaborator Scott Holt, singer Dana Fuchs and current Foghat touring bassist Rodney O’ Quinn. (MacGregor is on a break from the band while he fights a high-profile battle against cancer.) Last month, Under The Influence hit #17 on Billboard’s Hard Rock Albums chart – the group’s first Billboard appearance in 33 years. Highlights of the album include the AC/DC-esque rocker “Knock It Off,” the humorous “Upside Of Lonely” and a new version of “Slow Ride” recorded to celebrate the track’s 40th anniversary….”





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