JUNE, 2009


Band presented with Gold Record at Palace Theatre, Manchester, NH

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009



British classic rockers Foghat continue to experience an incredible resurgence throughout the world – but especially the U.S., where their sixteen-track compilation, ‘The Best of Foghat,’ recently obtained gold-certification (500,000 copies sold).

The collection, which was originally issued in 1989, includes all of FOGHAT’s hits and rock radio standards, including such anthems as “Slow Ride,” “I Just Want to Make Love to You,” “Fool for the City,” “Drivin’ Wheel,” and “Ride, Ride, Ride,” among others.

As a result of this latest landmark accomplishment in the history of Foghat, the band – which consists of Charlie Huhn (vocals, guitar), Bryan Bassett (guitar), Craig MacGregor (bass), and Roger Earl (drums) – recently received gold plaques for ‘The Best of Foghat,’ presented by DJ Adam Furious from the New Hampshire radio station WGIR ROCK 101 and Noisy SOD management.

This is the group’s eleventh gold or platinum award overall. Footage of the event can be viewed here:


“My wife told me that I could have a new Aston Martin with my next gold record,” says Earl, “But apparently this one doesn’t count! But on a serious note, I am very grateful to our fans – both old and new. It’s so cool to see all of those young faces out there, and showing them how a bunch of old bastards can really rock. And to still be rockin’ with my co-captain, Craig MacGregor, after 35 years, and especially to Charlie and Bryan. They are such a blast to play with, and they had some big shoes to fill. And in the immortal words of Lonesome Dave, ‘We’re gonna roll ’til we’re old, and rock ’til we drop.’ Thanks!”

While MacGregor and Earl are the longest-tenured Foghat members in the line-up (all the way back to the ‘70s), both Huhn and Bassett have been Foghat members for nearly a full decade by this point, and for their contribution for keeping the Foghat legacy alive, also received gold plaques for ‘The Best of Foghat.’ Much can be attributed to FOGHAT’s long-lasting popularity and increased album/ticket sales of late, as the quartet continues to tour relentlessly – as evidenced by such strong recent live releases ‘Live II’ [2007] and ‘Live at the Blues Warehouse’ [2009], and strong concert reviews. Foghat has also reached a whole generation of young fans due to their all-time classic road anthem, “Slow Ride,” being the first song on the popular ‘Guitar Hero III’ videogame, in addition to recently being sung by Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta on ‘American Idol’ to millions of viewers, as well as being used in various commercials (Honda Odyssey, Carl’s Jr, Ace Hardware) and movies (‘Wild Hogs’). And Foghat refuses to stand still, as the group continues to tour – as evidenced by their live summer and fall schedule – and is hard at work on a blues CD and a new DVD, both of which will be issued by the end of year.


APRIL, 2009


4/28/09 – REIVEW ON INK19.COM


MARCH, 2009


“Live at the Blues Warehouse” now available for Downloads

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Our new Cd is now available on most download sites:

Here is a review from Rhapsody.com – I think they liked it:





VH1 Top 100 Hard Rock Songs (‘Slow Ride’ is #45

Thursday, January 1st, 2009

Hi all,
“VH1 top 100 Greatest Hard Rock Songs” aired on New Years Eve and ‘Slow Ride’ is #45.  They played some current footage of ‘Slow Ride’ from Mohegan Sun, and an old clip from 1981.

It is airing again tonight.  There are four segments beginning at 7pm until 11pm. We are in the 3rd segment at 9pm since it counts down!

This is cool!  HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!

Linda & Roger

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