JP’s Music Blog review of “Under the Influence”


“The new twelve-song release begins with guitars blazing on the title song “Under The Influence” and the stomping rhythm of “Ghost.” Foghat get a little bluesy with the classic rockabilly feel of “She’s Got A Ring In His Nose” and inject a shot of adrenaline into Marvin Gaye’s “I Heard It Through The Grapevine.” They push the pedal to the medal for the up-beat driving tunes “Made Up My Mind” and “Hot Mama,” which brings back that classic Foghat sound from the seventies. The album closes with a remake of the their biggest hit, “Slow Ride” featuring original bassist Nick Jameson.”


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  1. Jenny Smart

    Hi guys, is it also available in Vinyl? Love to hear from you, would really like to start a collection.


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