LONESOME DAVE PEVERETT – April 16th, 1943 – February 7th, 2000

When we lost Lonesome Dave Peverett on February 7, 2000, it was hard to envisage carrying on without him. Dave and I had known each other and played together for over 30 years. Dave’s very close friend, Bryan, joined us on our last tour with Dave, replacing Rod Price. As usual, Dave gave it 110% until he sadly lost his battle with cancer. We miss him. Not a day goes by without thinking about him. But, Dave told us to carry on, and that it was all ‘about the music’ anyway. . So here we are.

So, in the immortal words of Lonesome Dave. “WE’RE GONNA ROLL ‘TIL WE’RE OLD, GONNA ROCK ‘TIL WE DROP”! – ‘Keep on Rockin’ Dave, we’ll keep the spirit alive.

– Roger Earl

ROD PRICE – November 22nd, 1947 – March 22nd, 2005

A life long goal of any guitarist is to have a “voice”, a signature sound, one that sets you apart from the thousands of other players. Rod had his “voice”, that unmistakable slide sound full of power and emotion, from the very first Foghat record through to his present day solo recordings. Any fan of Rock/Blues guitar could identify Rod’s playing within the first few notes. Rod stands shoulder to shoulder with his guitar idols and leaves all of us who love the guitar and those guitarists who make us feel, dream and just rock with an incredible body of work to listen to and learn from. A wonderful legacy indeed. Peace be with you Rod and your wonderful family.

– Bryan Bassett