SONIC MOJO – Foghat’s newest album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Blues Charts!

SONIC MOJO can be yours as a single CD boasting 12 electrifying tracks in a stunning six-page digipak. For vinyl enthusiasts, there’s a limited edition 180gram, neon purple vinyl version featuring 11 tracks and a gatefold jacket. Digital copies are now available here (including CDs available on Amazon). Plus, if you’re looking for something extra special, check out the CD and vinyl bundles, complete with exclusive merchandise here, or grab autographed CDs and neon purple vinyl copies which are available on TalkShop.Live while supplies last.

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Sonic Mojo Reviews

Throughout the record, the band is on fire. Bassett’s guitar work steadily weaves itself throughout each song while Holt’s soulful vocal delivery adds to each lyric. Holding down the rhythm section, Earl and O’Quinn are unstoppable, providing a solid backbeat. Sonic Mojo is a testament to Foghat’s longevity delivering roots-driven rock n roll that satisfies.

English rockers Foghat looked to the past to create their present on Sonic Mojo. The band’s 17th album, and first in seven years, is a nod to blues visionaries of the past that paved the way for the “Slow Ride” quartet. Foghat cofounding drummer Roger Earl is the last remaining original member of the group, which is now rounded out by vocalist Scott Holt, guitarist Bryan Bassett and bassist Rodney O’Quinn. Still, the spirit of the band’s sound lives on with its current configuration. Bassett produced and engineered the album, which the band is self-releasing.

Foghat’s latest release, Sonic Mojo, features: Roger Earl on drums, percussion and background vocals; Bryan Bassett on lead, slide & bass guitar, and background vocals; Scott Holt on lead vocals and lead guitar; Rodney Quinn on bass; and special guest Eddie LeFebvre on percussion. The disc contains a dozen tracks with a fifty-percent mix of band originals and covers. Notably, a few of the tracks were co-written by Roger’s long time friend and band mate in the early years of Savoy Brown, the late and great Kim Simmonds. Since Kim had been invited to play on it, Foghat is dedicating Sonic Mojo to his memory.
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