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Episode # 8  by Mike Mettler, official FoghatStorian   06-15-22

“We should do a Blues Album”

For many years, the above mantra was something the founding members of Foghat often said and thought amongst themselves — and occasionally shared with friends, confidants, and sometimes even the public at large. Unfortunately, the original four-man Foghat lineup never did get the chance to make that dream album prior to the February 2000 passing of the band’s original vocalist and primary blues-driving force, vocalist/guitarist Lonesome Dave Peverett. “Over the years, Dave and I — as well as Rod [Price, Foghat’s original slide guitar maestro] — had talked about doing a blues album,” confirms founding drummer/percussionist Roger Earl. “On just about every record we did, we got to do some songs written by blues artists, but we never actually did a whole record of them. That’s one of the reasons why we finally did it.”

To that end, the band eventually got to realize their collective blues-based wish when Last Train Home, Foghat’s 16th studio album, was released 12 years ago today by Foghat Records on June 15, 2010. Produced by Foghat and engineered, mixed, and mastered by the band’s ace lead and slide guitarist Bryan Bassett, Last Train Home is a master-class mixture of an even-dozen cuts of respectful covers and spot-on originals.


Truth be told, Last Train Home is a modern-day blues record for the ages, performed to perfection by the 2010 Foghat lineup consisting of the above-noted Roger Earl and Bryan Bassett along with then-lead vocalist/lead guitarist Charlie Huhn and then-bassist/background vocalist Jeff Howell. Special guests on the album include Roger’s older brother Colin Earl on keyboards, Lefty “Sugar Lips” Lefkowitz on harmonica, and the late great blues guitar/vocal legend Eddie “Bluesman” Kirkland on the album’s final two tracks, “In My Dreams” and “Good Good Day.

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