At 5 years old, grabbing mom’s vacuum cleaner like a mic stand and singing “Hound Dog” by Elvis, Rodney O’Quinn was smitten and bitten by the music bug at an early age. By the time he was 11, a request from a friend simply saying “We need a bass player. You should get one!” would lead him to the first of many stages he would perform on.

Straight out of high school, Rodney attained his higher education in Rock & Roll, playing full-time from 1984-1996 with various notable bands out of the Southeast U.S. This included a 5-year stint with one of the region’s top touring/grossing bands, ELI, which generated two well-received albums. Averaging 240 shows a year left Rodney feeling burned out and ready for a change. He was leaving life on the road behind (or so he thought).

In 2007 (Rodney describes it as an “itch that needed to be scratched”), music beckoned once again and he was compelled to answer. Rodney joined the Pat Travers Band for what he thought would be a year or two on the road. Over the next eight and a half years with the Pat Travers Band, Rodney played over 500 shows across the U.S., Canada, Mexico, U.K., Europe, and Sweden, and recorded two studio CDs and two live CD/DVDs with the band. They also performed live on the syndicated show RockLine Radio three times, as well as a concert, “Live from Moondance Jam,” which aired over 100 times on Direct TV.

More than just a beast on the bass and a pretty face, Rodney used his business-savvy background to handle many facets of the PTB organization. In 2010, he co-produced a run of shows that featured Pat Travers, Derek St. Holmes, Mark Farner, and Ronnie Montrose called Guitar Gods of the 70’s. Along with other members of Pat’s band, Rodney would play bass behind all of these artists.

During these extensive tours, as fate would have it, Rodney crossed paths many times with his friend and fellow bass player, Craig MacGregor of Foghat. Craig admired Rodney’s talent and when diagnosed with lung cancer, and realizing he would not be able to play much longer, he called Roger and suggested Rodney as his replacement when the time came. So when the time was right, he was called upon in 2015 to fill in for “Mac” and has since become a permanent part of the Foghat family.

Rodney has brought a lot of fun and energy to the band, not only as a terrific bass player but also taking on lead vocals on some songs at the shows! He has quickly become a fan favorite, with his upbeat temperament and terrific sense of humor and camaraderie with the fans. His bass playing is a testament to the legacy that he cares so deeply about. Rodney cut his teeth listening to Craig MacGregor and Foghat, and in the many interviews he does, he never forgets to say how honored and humbled he is to help keep Foghat’s legacy going!

Background and Style: Rodney O’Quinn brought his deep understanding of rock and blues to Foghat, helping to maintain and invigorate the band’s legendary sound. His tenure with Foghat has been marked by his dedication to preserving the band’s classic vibe while also pushing their music forward. His ability to blend seamlessly with Foghat’s rhythm section, particularly alongside drummer Roger Earl, has been noted as a significant factor in the band’s continued success.

Critical Acclaim: O’Quinn’s contribution to Foghat’s latest works, including the critically acclaimed album “Sonic Mojo,” has been widely praised. Reviews highlight his rhythmic precision and the driving force his bass provides to the band’s sound. One review from Blues Rock Review noted that on tracks like “How Many More Years,” O’Quinn’s bass work provided a “throbbing beat” that was essential to the song’s intensity​ (Blues Rock Review)​. Another review from Guitar and Bass Conversations emphasized, “O’Quinn’s rhythmic bass guitar on ‘Sonic Mojo’ echoes with metallic precision, driving the band’s renewed sound”​ (Podcast Paradise)​.

The current lineup recorded their 17th studio album, Sonic Mojo, released on November 10, 2023. All of the band members had input on writing the six original tracks, and the record debuted at #1 on the Billboard Blues Charts, where it remained in the top 10 for 27 straight weeks. Rodney’s rock-solid playing on this record helped solidify the cohesiveness and expertise that the band exuded!