Foghat is going to be part of a cool New Year’s Eve celebration! So come and enjoy the party! It’s the “Las Vegas Countdown to 2024” and we have a couple of cool performances scheduled on the show! Should be a good time! Thank you to our friends at KTLA in Las...

Let It Rock

“As the veterans put it here, their current proposition is a win-win: well worth the wait, “Sonic Mojo” must satisfy their fans longing to suffer this boogie forever and prolong the group’s glory.”
Defenders of the Faith – Joe Miller

Defenders of the Faith – Joe Miller

“…At the end of the day, Sonic Mojo is a Foghat album through and through. Their mere existence in the year 2023 isn’t just a testament to the music the original lineup created half a century ago, but to the power of rock n’ roll. It’s about sticking to your...