Under the Influence” LP


It all started in 1971 when Lonesome Dave Peverett and Roger Earl left the band, Savoy Brown, to form Foghat. Since then, it has been nothing but hit after hit with a catalog that includes “Slow Ride”, “Driving Wheel”, “Stone Blue” and “Third Time Lucky.” They have been making music for 45 years with many different musicians, but one constant has remained, Roger Earl. Roger stated, ”Wehave several new songs, a couple of Savoy Brown songs, and a couple of ‘covers’ and we are very excited about this record!”


Based in NY, current band members include: Charlie Huhn on rhythm guitar and vocals Bryan Bassett picking on lead guitar, Craig MacGregor jamming on bottom and Roger Earl banging on the drums.


Their new LP contains 12 cuts and opens with the title track, “Under the Influence” that pins you to your damn seat with slamming guitars from the door. The vocals bring back so many memories from those rocking 70’s. “Knock It Off” has ‘Party Song’ written all over it and will energize a stadium in a New York minute. This monster can rival all of the big boys in one fell swoop, it that powerful. METAL MONSTER! “Ghost” features their signature electric slide guitar that they made famous back in the day, it’s so refreshing to hear it reborn again.


She’s Got a Ring in His Nose” has some of that old-style Southern Rock influence that slaps you upside the head. “Upside of Lonely” gives it up with a bluesy flavor mixed with that retro rockin’ sound. “Heard It Through the Grapevine” is a rocked out version of the old Gladys Knight tune that would make purists proud, AWESOME! “Made Up My Mind” is a kick-ass pickin’ guitar number that would get a dance floor packed in seconds. KILLER CUT! “Hot Mama” will grab the ladies and hold them hostage from the first note until the last.


Heart Gone Cold” is classic Foghat from the word, GO! This retro/mod track has all the ingredients from harmonies to slammin’ riffs. Shades of the 70’s! “Honey Do List” gives us those Southern Rockin’ Blues that is so refreshing and offers that cool flavor that one could only find south of the Mason-Dixon Line. “All Because of You” puts the icing on the cake boldly with this vocal monster and kick-ass guitar work give this a unique sound. The hook is infectious! BANGIN” To close this out is the classic hit, “Slow Ride” which sounds like it did the first day it was made, the boys haven’t lost a step!


To say that I have heard a rebirth would be an understatement. From the first to last cut, this LP is full of what the discriminating Foghat listener would expect to hear, it loaded! I can see this making BIG WAVES in AOR formats!


This LP is off the hook and is a MUST LISTEN! On the Nor’easter Storm Scale, I give this my highest rating, a FORCE 5!! Well Done!


LP Review by Michael McKenna

Nor’easter Entertainment Magazine