Thank you Jim Barber for this great interview with Roger Earl!

“After a long session in the studio while writing and recording their new album, the members of seminal 1970s blues-rockers Foghat were relaxing with a few adult beverages, chatting about life, music and enjoying a Florida sunset when the subject of one last song came to the fore – a song that would be emblematic of the new album and the band’s timeless, trend-defying sound.

Their manager came up with the title Under the Influence as the album title and concept two years previous, knowing that the phrase could have a number of connotations. When it came time to record a new album that’s when the band’s creativity kicked into gear and the idea of honouring their heritage was top of mind.

“The producer, [Grammy winner] Tom Hambridge and I were sitting on the back porch of the studio sipping on some bourbon, Maker’s Mark I believe it was. And I probably had a bit too much, and we were talking about the title track and what ‘Under the Influence’ would be about. The next morning Tom came in with all the lyrics. And I am reading them and here there are references to Jerry Lee Lewis and Chuck Berry, and everything that influenced us: cars, girls and rock and roll. So that’s really what the song and the whole album is about – the inspirational things that got us into music,” said Foghat co-founder and drummer Roger Earl”…


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