***This review was originally written in Italian so please excuse the rough translation!





“On vocals and guitar are a few years Charlie Huhn, already seen with Ted Nugent, Victory, Gary Moore and Humble Pie, which together with the other guitarist Bryan Bassett, bassist Craig Mc Gregor (which came into formation in 1976) and the only original member left, the drummer Roger Earl, carry on with conviction what it has always been the sound of Foghat, a boogie blues rock with strong sudiste veins many times did think of them as a southern band of the States, and not as a British group. This new work is born in a study of Florida in 2013 and has seen during several recording sessions the presence of numerous guests who have contributed to the final product which was also made possible the financing of fans via Pledge Music Platform , a system which we have already spoken and which ultimately is increasingly taking hold. In fact, the record was released by the band’s label, even if there is a next release for a European label. It starts immediately in fourth with the title track, boogie rock led by Bassett slide and making use of the presence of the founder of the guitar Savoy Brown Kim Simmonds, also present in bluseggiante “Upside of Lonely” and unleashed “Made Up My Mind “another boogie rock that smells of the southern States.”Knock it Off” it is a hard rock muscle with a big Charlie Huhn to lead the quartet one of the best moments of the entire work. You can breathe the air of the delta with “Ghost”, enriched by the slide of Bassett and another good test of Huhn. Blues pure instead in “She’s Got a Ring in His Nose”, with a special guest on vocals and guitar Scott Holt. The list of distinguished guests continued with the beautiful voice of Dana Fuchs who duets with Huhn in the classic Marvin Gaye “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” (very successful version) and in the “Honey Do List”, piece funky blues rock with a great guitar work by Bassett, guitarist with a remarkable taste. Last guest (but not least) is the first bass player of the band Nick Jameson (who also produced two of the most successful discs of Foghat, “Fool For The City” and “Live”) which lends its four strings to rousing boogie ” Hot Mama “and the closing” Slow Ride “, the most famous piece ever recorded by Foghat, contained in the above mentioned album” Fool for the City “, and that in this new version does not lose one gram of the original charm, probably one of the most beautiful rides of all time rock. Great record, no ifs, ands or buts.”