Join us for the making of our new album “Under the Influence” at You can pre-order it now and get an Access Pass to the behind the scenes goings on while we are making the record! It is our first release since 2010’s Last Train Home.

There are lots of cool incentives for you to get on board early – from the opportunity to sing back up on a new version of “Slow Ride” that we are recording in celebration of its 40th anniversary, to the opportunity to have Roger Earl cook a meal for you or read a bedtime story to your child, a guitar lesson with Bryan Bassett, golf game with Charlie Huhn or the chance to join Foghat on stage.

“Under the Influence is about 50 percent done and, since our 2015 tour is coming to an end, we are going back into the studio to finish the project,” The new version of “Slow Ride” is being recorded in honor of late legacy members “Lonesome” Dave Peverett and Rod Price.