We are very excited to announce that a new record is coming from the Earl & The Agitators All Star Band!!
And we are running a Pledge Music Campaign so you can be part of the fun!


When Roger Earl (Earl #4) and @Bryan Bassett (Earl #2) of Foghat got together with the amazing guitarist/vocalist Scott Holt (Earl #1) back in 2015 they wrote a bunch of great songs and recorded them at Dark Horse Institute in Franklin, Tennnessee. Now…three years later, we are finishing the project and adding some live bonus tracks from our recent show at the Club Arcada Speakeasy & Restaurant with the other Earls… Rodney O’Quinn (Earl #2), @Tony Bullard (Earl#5) and @Mark Petrocelli (Earl#.5). So, join the Pledge for as little as $10 and you can get all of the behind the scenes info on what these guys are up to!!